About Rodgers the Florists

Designer Flowers by Rodgers a truly family business, were established way back in 1911 in South Manchester, England. The business developed from market gardeners, wholesalers of flowers and plants, into now a multiple full service retail florists with a number of outlets around Manchester

With their experience and expertise, they can now source flowers DIRECT from all over the world, for example: Orchids from New Zealand & Thailand: carnations and roses from South America; Foliages from Florida and many varieties from Holland and Africa. Thus by importing direct from around the world Rodgers has an advantage over many other florists because their flowers arrive days fresher than going through the usual wholesale supply chain.

Over the years, Designer Flowers by Rodgers has achieved the ability to provide floral designs truly for any occasion. From the small bunch of flowers for the home, a bouquet for an anniversary to designing and setting up massive displays for such events as the Commonwealth Games in Manchester 2002 and other large events like society wedding and balls. With a staff of over 15 including some of the Nations top designers nothing is too small or too big for them to tackle.

As one of the very first Nation wide, in fact the very first in the Manchester area way back in 1923, joined the now multi national florist network INTERFLORA, Rodgers the Florists can arrange delivery of floral gifts within a few hours almost anywhere in the world. With a combination of creativity, experience and GUARANTEED quality Intreflora (FTD & Fleurop) set themselves apart from their competitors with a network of over 58000 florists worldwide delivering floral gifts and tributes to over 140 countries ,each maintaining the stringent stands that Interflora (FTD & Fleurop) demand. Again unlike some of their competitors Designer Flowers by Rodgers and Interflora do not mass produce bouquets on a production line but each delivery is carefully prepared and delivered in person by dedicated floral designers.

Designer Flowers by Rodgers can provide all sorts of designs from ‘funky’ and ‘contemporary’,’ traditional’ for corporate clients, for weddings, funerals and almost any other occasion……….
‘Funky’ flowers are very acceptable for some very special occasions where something stunning and different is called for. Our designers love to create these with a flamboyant style, using such flowers and foliages as anthuriums, heliconiae, protease, cymbidium orchids, tropical foliages even spiral bamboo many way out designs can be created not only giving pleasure to the recipient but also a real talking point.

‘Corporate Flowers’ on a local basis around Manchester, Designer Flowers by Rodgers can transform your offices or showrooms instantly into a more appealing and productive environment simply by introducing flowers and plants. People are more attracted to rooms containing flowers and plants and not only can they enjoy them but certain flowers and plants cleanse the air by absorbing toxic gases and adding humidity.

‘Wedding Flowers’ ….

With and experienced team of expert florists no floral decoration is too big or small from the single altar arrangement in a small church to an extensive decoration of a synagogue, Designer Flowers by Rodgers can delight. Brides bouquets in all styles, traditional, modern even funky; bridesmaids bouquets, posies, buttonholes and corsages can be designed to your individual taste. We are so particular that we delight our clients, so we insist we have a free consultation meeting with every bride before we will undertake your wedding flowers. One of our designers will firstly look after your inquiry, have a full consultation meeting and follow through to actually designing and making up your requirements so you have a personal designer assigned to your inquiry through to delivery on your wedding day.

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